August in Berlin

I spent August in Berlin with Hacker Paradise, hanging out at the Betahaus coworking space and spending most of my time around the Kruezburg, Prenzlauer Berg, and Tiergarten disricts of Berlin.


Twitter HQ Berlin, after meeting SoundCloud upstairs.

What the hell is that?!


A Sunday afternoon cruising down the one of Berlin's many waterways, dropping into a wine festival and sampling some of the local fare.

Around town

A few snaps of life in the city.

Sunset from my balcony.

Zach getting played to.

Oh boy, bier!

The wall.

Checkpoint Charlie.



Gardens, so many gardens

So I was told, gardens in Germany are an absolute huge deal. On a rather warm Saturday we checked out Bundesgartenschau, the national horticultural show which was held in a few towns to the west of Berlin.


Tempelhof was an airport in central Berlin that was converted to a park in 2008. The runways and terminal remain, and it was quite a surreal experience taking a stroll around what was the centre of the Berlin Airlift.